PG/IN ClanLeague

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The maplist is ready!

Check out the list, and download the mappack.

The following maps made into the league:

  • CTF-AcronyLE21
  • CTF-BleakLE21
  • CTF-BrokenLimitsLE21
  • CTF-CommandXLE21
  • CTF-DukuLE21
  • CTF-GrudgeLE21
  • CTF-KlondikeLE21
  • CTF-MesmerizeLE21
  • CTF-Nuance99_Retexture4
  • CTF-PryXonLE21
  • CTF-Rune][LE21
  • CTF-SprintaLE21

The mappack can be downloaded here. Please prepare yourself and make sure you dont have to download on gameday!

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