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Clan League Rules

Clan League Rules 

PassionateGaming iCTF ClanLeague 


1.1. The PassionateGaming iCTF ClanLeague is an online tournament for players from all countries of the world.  

1.2. Clans are selected for divisions based on their strength as proven by match results (or the results of their players). 

1.3. Abusive behaviour towards any other player, at any time during the league season, will be punished with a warning. If the abuse is severe the punishment can also involve a temporary or permanent removal from the league of either the offending players or the entire team. 

1.4. The captain is responsible for their own members knowing and following the rules. A captain breaking the rules may incur penalties against the whole team. 

1.5. PassionateGaming reserves the right to broadcast every match. This can be done with online game broadcast tools for spectating purposes. The recording of such broadcasts can’t be refused by the players. In many cases PassionateGaming will allow or ask third parties to broadcast the matches. Spectators may never be charged. 

League Admins 

2.1. The cup is supervised by League Admins who are responsible for enforcing the rules, scheduling matches that aren’t scheduled on time by the clans. For any problems, contact the League Admins on the league’s PG Discord channel #clan-league 

If several Referees are signed up the Cup Supervisor(s) decides who will referee the match.

Clans and Players 

3.1. Players always have to be easily identifiable to league admins, opponents and spectators. Therefore, players must use easily identifiable nicknames which are the same as (or very closely resemble) those registered on their Players List both on Discord and in-game. Sanctions:  Yellow Card. 

3.2. A clan can only use players during a match who are shown on their Players List and have not played in the same league for another clan. Using a player who is not on your Player List, or who is not allowed to play (f.e. a player from the Free Agents List played for another clan in the same week) will result in a match forfeit. 

3.3. Only players on the player list are allowed to play. All players must be present on PassionateGaming discord for the duration of the cup.

3.4. Any player who has legitimately been on the clan’s Player List during the cup (and then subsequently removed) can be re-added immediately provided they haven’t played for any other clans since the removal.  

3.5. A player who played a match for a clan whilst not being on the Players List will be excluded from the league. The match will be forfeited for the team that used said player.  

3.6. Any attempt by a clan to deceive the League Admins by letting a player fakenick, or providing deliberately false information (including faking match scores) will result in the clan being removed from the cup. Additionally any players involved in the match may be banned if it can be proven that they were aware of an attempt to break the rules. If this attempted deceit occurred in the last week of group matches or later then the player(s) will also be banned from the next events. In serious cases (e.g. lying even when warned) the League Admins may consult with the PG Admins and a decision to impose a temporary or permanent ban from all PassionateGaming events may be taken.

3.7 In case of a team being dropped out of the competition, its entire roster can’t be put in the Free Agent list before 48 hours have elapsed.  

League Rules 

4.1. Point system: 

  • Win – 2 points, + 0.8 points per cap, up to a maximum of 5 caps, or 4 points.
  • Draw – 1 point, + 0.5 points per cap, up to a maximum of 5 caps, or 2.5 points.
  • Loss – 0 point, + 0.3 points per cap, up to a maximum of 5 caps, or 1.5 points.

4.2. Each team will have 2 matches against the same opponent. One match is Home, where your team picks 1 map and team colour. Second match is Away, where your opponent picks 1 map and team colour.
Server decision check  13.5

4.3. Group rankings are worked out by the following rules, in order of importance:

  • Number of points. 
  • Number of wins. 
  • Net Secondary points shown on the ranking page (E.g 24/10 – Net Secondary points are 24 – 10 = 14). Be that flags / mapwins / rounds / tickets.
  • Positive Secondary points shown on the ranking page (E.g for 24/10 Positive Secondary points are 24).
  • Least number of losses.
  • Least number of caps taken against 
  • Result of the match between 2 tied clans.
  • Least number of forfeits/noshows.

4.4. On a forfeit loss the result becomes a 3-0 for the oposing team. A no-show is regarded as a forfeit loss.

4.5. A clan that forfeits a group match for the second time will be removed from the League. 

4.6. If a clan leaves the league with only one matchweek to go, then the clan last maps will be considered a forfeit loss and all the clan’s matches will count for the ranking. Any other scenario, example, dropping on week 9: all matches involving the team are deleted.

Cheating and Anti-cheating 

5.1. PassionateGaming’s cheating and abuse policy applies to this cup. 

5.2. All programs or files, be they changed game files or new files, that change or edit the game or add to its functionality, or that interact with the game in any way, are strictly forbidden. The use of any forbidden program or file by any clan member during a league match will lead to the exclusion of the clan from the League. The use of such programs or files outside the league may lead to the same sanction. 

5.3. Programs that do not interact with the game in any way are allowed, even if they can be used and operated simultaneously with the game. Voice communication programs are examples of such programs. 

5.4. It is not allowed to take advantage of or abuse bugs. Any kind of bug abuse is considered cheating and will lead to a forfeit loss. 

5.5. For situations not covered by the rules, the League Admins will consult with PG Admins and Event Admins and together they will make decisions based on the spirit of the existing rules and in the interests of justice. 

5.6. It is not allowed to run any programs that change the original nature of the game (for example bright skin tweaks). In case other cheats/exploits are found being used by a clan after the league has started the League Admins decide on the penalty to the clan for the matches the cheat has been used. Please keep UT clean. 

5.7. The use of tweaks/temporary console commands (TCCs) is forbidden, with the exception of changing the team and death messages only. 

Changes and Exceptions 

6.1. These rules are subject to change at any time. Changes made after the start of the season will always be reported on the cup page. All clans are expected to know all the rules; not knowing them is no valid excuse for not following them. 

6.2. Any issue that affects a League Admin’s own clan may not be handled by that admin. It must be handled by the other admin or by an Event Admin or PGAdmin. For problems that the League Admins can’t solve, or for complaints about the League Admins, competitors can message PG Admins (f.e. k1) . Mails containing abusive language, a case in which the rules have been correctly applied or any issue that has not been discussed with a League Admin first will all be ignored. 

Server Settings 

7.1. Checking the server settings is both clans’ responsibility. If a certain setting is wrong they should alert an admin immediately. Matches will not be replayed or restarted because of a wrong setting that could have been reported before or in the beginning of the match. 

7.2. It is not allowed to change any server settings after the match has started without both clans agreeing to it. Failure in following this rule will result in a default loss of the match. 

7.3. Servers must have IG+ (NewNet) and NewCTF installed. Servers running more current versions will be favoured over servers running outdated versions. 

7.4. Servers must have ACE installed. This anticheat should be set so it allows all operating systems to connect and play. Servers running more current versions will be favoured over servers running outdated versions. 

7.5. NetServerMaxTickrate: 100. Another value can be used only if BOTH clans agree. 

7.6. All matches are to be played with the following settings: 

  • Time Limit: 20 
  • Friendly Fire: 0% 
  • Cap limit: 0 
  • Tournament: On 
  • Gamespeed: 100% 
  • Air Control: 35% 
  • GameStyle: Hardcore 
  • Force Respawn: Off 
  • Overtime: Off / Advantage: On
  • Mutators: IG+ 5c/5d, newCTFv11, SmartCTF 4D++ or higher, Re-extended UT v2-5.2. 

Client Settings 

8.1. ConfiguredInternetSpeed / Netspeed: 25000. Any change of netspeed during the match is forbidden and will result in a forfeit loss of the round the violation occurred in. 

8.2. Bonuspack models, custom models and skins are not allowed, these include models that have been ‘tampered’ with. 

8.3. Excessive use of voice taunts are not allowed even if you are keizeR. 

8.4. Excessive use of “say” binds is not allowed (e.g. after a flag capture). 

8.5. Taunt/Fire and/or Taunt/Movement binds are not allowed. 

8.6. Behind View in any use or form is forbidden in all cups except for the Bunny Track Cup where it doesn’t offer an unfair advantage. 

8.7. You must be using patch 436 or later. 

8.8. Bonuspack 1, 2 and 4 must be installed (For UT GOTY edition this means only BonusPack 4). 

Match Rules 

10.1. Group matches are predefined by the schedule. 

10.2. The map list for this cup is: 

  • CTF-Acrony-CL3
  • CTF-Bleak-CL3
  • CTF-BrokenlimitsLE21
  • CTF-Command-CL3
  • CTF-Duku-CL
  • CTF-Elsinore-CL3
  • CTF-Grudge-CL
  • CTF-Klondike-CL3
  • CTF-Mesmerize-CL3
  • CTF-Nix-CL3
  • CTF-Nuance99-CL3
  • CTF-Pryxon-CL
  • CTF-Rune-CL3
  • CTF-Sprinta-CL3
  • CTF-Spirit-CL3

10.3. The home playing clan picks 1 map in Home Match. You can only pick a certain map 1 time. Each match consists of 2 maps. (The home choice then the away choice)

10.4. Each player must record a 1st-person demo (of each map he/she plays) and keep this demo for the duration of the league, and an additional 14 days after the League is over. Please pay special attention to restarting demorec after disconnecting from the server for any reason. Only complete demos will be accepted.

  • You can only ask demos from 2 players. Demos can be requested up to 12h after the match ended. Admins can request demos (without any limitation) until 14days after the league is over. There are no valid reasons not to record demos.
  • The deadline to upload your demos is 48 hours. If you can’t demorec for any reason – do not play.
  • If being asked to upload a demo, you should upload all demos from the maps you played on the set matches.
  • Failure to supply a requested demo will result in a forfeit loss for the map (For example, Duku demo was not uploaded, but Command was uploaded). 
  • Repeated failure to supply a requested demo will result in a player league ban.
  • Example: Team A vs Team B – Duku Team B vs Team A – Command Team A captains asks demo of player X and Y from team B. Players X and Y have to upload Duku and Command demos.

10.5. If you are using a different connection than normal (tunnel, friends house, etc) connection to play you must inform the admin and/or opponent about this before server testing begins. 

10.6. Before the start of the map countdown or during dead moments in the game (when the game is paused), the serveradmin may take a screenshot of all the players using the ACE screenshot facility. 

10.7. Liftcamping (Jumping on, or standing under the lift to stop people being able to use it) is forbidden. If a clan breaks this rule, they will automatically receive a  Yellow card and forfeit that particular map. If they violate the rules on several maps they will forfeit all those maps but still only receive a Yellow card. Only the League Admins can make this decision based on demos after the game, so every map has to be played until the end in case the clan is found not guilty. 


11.1 The captains must schedule/confirm their matches in the captains channel for their tier. So the league admins can keep track when matches are being played. 

11.2. A predefined schedule determines which match must be played in which week. On every match week team captains  need to schedule their game within the week itself.  

It goes from Monday to Sunday: 

  • Matchweek #1 – From 2nd November to 8th November  
  • Matchweek #2 – From 9th November to 15th November 
  • Matchweek #3 – From 16th November to 22nd November 
  • Matchweek #4 – From 23rd November to 29th November 
  • Matchweek #5 – From 30th November to 6th December
  • Matchweek #6 – From 7th December to 13th December
  • Matchweek #7 – From 14th December to 20th December

Christmas break: From 21st December to 3rd January

  • Matchweek #8 – From 4th January to 10th January
  • Matchweek #9 – From 11th January to 17th January
  • Matchweek #10 – From 18th January to 24th January
  • Matchweek #11 – From 25th January to 31st January

11.3. The exact match date and time must be arranged by the clans before the Friday 23:59 CET. 

11.4. If by Friday 23:59 CET the clans still haven’t succeeded in scheduling the match, the following procedure is to be followed: 

  • Both clans have to send a message to the League Admins before Saturday 18h CET, in which they explain what the problem is and specify all the dates and times (during the match week) on which they can play. 
  • After 18:00 CET (6pm CET) on Saturday, the League Admins will force any matches not scheduled by the clans themselves without further consulting them. 
  • If both clans messaged the League Admins then they will pick a date on which both clans can play if there is one. If there isn’t then the League Admins will favour the more flexible clan; i.e. the clan that can play on the most dates.  
  • If only one of the two clans mailed the League Admins then they will always pick a date/time that suits that clan. 
  • If neither clan sent a message then the League Admins will schedule the match for Sunday at the time they see fit. Noshow’s and forfeits will be executed if a team (or both) fail to play the match.
  • During the match week, any scheduled match, be it scheduled by the clans themselves or by the League Admins, can only be rescheduled if both clans agree on a new date/time in the same match week and if both inform the League Admins by message at least 1 day before the original date of the match. 

11.5 The top 8 teams of each group will be playing into the playoffs stage.During playoffs, map picks are done via private message to a pre-arranged admin (in doubt, PM Jeremy), with the 30 mins deadline before the match starts still applying. These map picks are not limited so you can pick any map from the map pool. The only restriction we have is that you can not pick the same map twice in the current game. I.E. Team A can pick Duku and Command, Team B can pick Duku and Mesmerize. No team can pick Duku x 2. 

Playoffs (for each group): 

Tier 1:
SF1: 1st seed (A1) vs 4th seed (A4)

SF2: 2nd seed (A2) vs 3rd seed (A3)

Tier 2:
SF3: 5th seed (A5) vs 8th seed (A8)
SF4: 6th seed (A6) vs 7th seed (A7)

Tier 3:
SF5: 1st seed (B1) vs 4th seed (B4)

SF6: 2nd seed (B2) vs 3rd seed (B3)

Tier 4:
SF7: 5th seed (B5) vs 8th seed (B8)
SF8: 6th seed (B6) vs 7th seed (B7)

Both teams are picking two maps. The decider map will be chosen via map elimination with the remaining maps in the pool. Previously picked maps are automatically removed from the list.
The highest seeded team will do the last elimination.
First team to reach 5 points wins. (2 points for a win, 1 point of a draw, 0 point for a loss).
Decider has overtime and will always need a winner. 

  • Final: 

Winner of SF1 vs Winner of SF2

Winner of SF3 vs Winner of SF4
Both teams are picking two maps. The decider map will be chosen via map elimination with the remaining maps in the pool. Previously picked maps are automatically removed from the list.
The highest seeded team will do the last elimination.
First team to reach 5 points wins. (2 points for a win, 1 point of a draw, 0 point for a loss).
Decider has overtime and will always need a winner. 

  • Map order:
    ABAB + D

A: Home team
B: Away team
D: Decider

Decider is played on Home(higher seeded) team server with the away team picking color.
Map elimination is done on the captain channel, with ruling mentioned above. 

  • Server:
    Both teams will pick a server. (up to 1h before)
    Each team plays their maps on their server and also picks color. (“Home” advantage). 
  • 3rd place match 

Loser of SF1 vs Loser of SF2

Loser of SF3 vs Loser of SF4
Both teams are picking two maps. The decider map will be chosen via map elimination with the remaining maps in the pool. Previously picked maps are automatically removed from the list.
The highest seeded team will do the last elimination.
First team to reach 5 points wins. (2 points for a win, 1 point of a draw, 0 point for a loss).
Decider has overtime and will always need a winner.

Also applies for tier 3 and tier 4.

Note: Depending on and if similar maps are picked during playoffs, it’s not guaranteed that the highest seeded team is starting the elimination protocol. This is to ensure that they (the highest seeded team) always got the choice between the last 2 maps.

Match Proceedings 

12.1. The match may not begin before the League Admins or Event Admins or PG Admins who set a password for a server are ready. 

12.2. If the server crashes during a match, the map will be restarted only if the crash occurred less than 1 minute after the start. In all other cases the remaining time (rounded to the closest minute and with a minimum of 2 minutes) or rounds will be played, after which the scores will be added to determine the map win. 

12.3. The break between maps will be exactly 10 minutes unless the clans ready themselves. The League Admins, Event Admins or PG Admins may force the map start if players don’t ready up in time. 

12.4. A server will automatically pause the match whenever a player overflows or crashes. The pause may last no longer than 5 minutes (enough time to reboot and reconnect). Players must hold the pause within that time. The maximum total pause time is 10 minutes per map per team. The server can be paused no more than 5 times for the same player’s problem (i.e. repeated lag bursts) during the entire match. After that, the player has to play with his problem or be replaced. Tactical timeouts are not allowed. 

12.5 The map needs to start within 10 minutes of the arranged time.If a team doesn’t have their 5 members in time and on the server, they forfeit the map. If both don’t have, it’s a double forfeit (map loss for both teams) no cap counted. The 2nd map needs to be played up to 35min of the arranged time.

Example: if team A vs team B play on December 1st at 20:30, the first map needs to start beforel 20:40. Second map has to start before 21:05.

Before the Match 

13.1. Meeting in Discord on PassionateGaming server before the match: 

  • Deadline time = 30 (maps) and 60 (server) minutes before starting time. 
  • Starting time = the scheduled starting time of the match. 

13.2. If a clan does not have enough players to play the match (e.g they only have 4 players available for a 5v5) they forfeit the match. Clans are not allowed to play matches with less than the required number of players. 

13.3. Announcing maps: 

  • Both teams should tell the League Admins their choice of map(s) (in order of play) at deadline time by private message to a League Admin. 
  • If a team failed to announce maps and server in time:

    – maps will be chosen randomly, on stream, by using
    It will consider home team map usage and the chosen maps will be considered as home team maps.

    – server will be chosen by admins
    Admins will consider both clans players nationalities and provide the fairest possible (available) server

13.4. Server List: 

  • ip1: US – unreal://
  • ip2: NL1 – unreal://
  • ip3: GER1 – unreal://
  • ip4: GER2 – unreal://
  • ip5: GER3 – unreal://
  • ip6: UK1 – unreal://
  • ip7: UK2 – unreal://
  • ip8: UK3 – unreal://
  • ip9: GER4 – unreal://
  • ip10: UK4 – unreal://
  • ip11: NL2 – unreal://
  • ip12: PT1 – unreal://

13.5. Server decision:

Only visible aspects of the connection quality are considered. These aspects are: ping, stability of ping, smoothness of movement, packet loss indicator value (if available).
Any player not present on a server is considered to have ping 0 in all comparisons of the clans’ connections as well as in all calculations of average pings.
It is be up to the clans to agree on a single server to play on. If they cannot agree then the admin will pick the fairest server given the following:

Fair Ping Table (values in Milliseconds)

Clan A Ping (ms)Clan B Ping (ms)
  1. Admins consider pings to be ‘equal’ when the average pings of one team are no more than 125% the amount of their opponent.
  2. If a clan only has lower average ping than it’s opponent on it’s home country server(s), they are deemed to have PING ADVANTAGE for their server(s) and all other servers should be used in preference.
  3. If both clans have the PING ADVANTAGE for their proposed server(s), then the server with the smallest AVERAGE PING DIFFERENCE will be chosen.
  4. As a last resort the admins can ignore the pings of any players with abnormally high pings due to routing/ISP problems when deciding on a server.
  5. Captains should agree on a server in advance – when scheduling the match, before the match day.
    Admin intervention should only be required if there isn’t an agreement between both clans.
    5.1 Server decision with admin intervention is to be done 10 to 30 minutes before the match start.
    5.2 Only the players that are going to play the match are accounted for the server testing.
  6. A home country server is defined as being located in the same country as the majority of the clan’s players who performed the server testing. Checks will be based on their ips connected to the server.
  7. The admins can decide on a two-server match only if the advantages on the two servers give more equal circumstances than can be found on any single server.

After the match 

14.1. Match results can be entered by a League Admin or Event Admin if the screenshots have been sent to him.  

14.2. Clans always have to send screenshots/stats to a League admin.