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PassionateGaming – The home of UT99 instagib

FAQ & Contact

We are an united community on two discord channels.

Instagib Nation:
Staff Heads: marky & fonzie
Staff: spect, Deaod, Dewsick, MastahBates and stongz
Owner: k1
Staff: Waterkater, JrmY & Bathuk

Instagib Nation is currently working on the new IG+ and newCTF mod for iCTF. It gets tested by chosen players so developers can receive good feedback and update the mod every week. It’s an open pickup server for UT99/UT2k4 and UT4. Only the players with the role “UT99 Tester” are allowed to discuss on certain channels to prevent any type of negativity and spam.

PassionateGaming is the home for UT99 pickups. The new mod gets updated to their servers frequently. If you are looking for Instagib pickups for any type of mod this is the channel you should visit.

The whole idea of this united commitment is to bring a new and updated netcode to the game.